About Us

Healthcare is approaching a new frontier of information design.

In no other profession are the limitations of information systems more critical, or the opportunities for innovation so great.

This is because healthcare is the ultimate example of knowledge work: complex processes that require the best information for optimal decisions – information “just in time” and relevant to the task at hand.

Care Commons is a medical knowledge management company founded in 2007 to revolutionize the information tools that both professionals and consumers use to make healthcare decisions.  Since the advent of widely available information technology in the 1970s, legacy systems originally designed for one kind of knowledge work – financial transactions – have been applied with only limited success to another: helping people get better.

Our team has extensive background in the disciplines and technologies required to represent, store, and retrieve the kinds of knowledge unique to healthcare.  Our experience with legacy and emerging data strategies – ranging from high-volume enterprise systems to semantic processing, unstructured data, and machine learning – give us a unique ability to envision and produce new tools for making healthcare more productive.

We can help keep your medical team optimally informed, coordinated, and satisfied with their work.  We empower patients to make more confident, positive decisions, in cooperation with their caregivers, as they go about their daily lives.  And we produce solutions aimed at keeping healthcare professionals focused on what they do best as they work to keep the whole person healthy.

In addition to our ongoing projects, we are open to discussing new work with potential technology partners, healthcare delivery clients, patient advocacy groups, and public health institutions.

Please let us know what we might invent together.