Our mission

Access for all to the highest quality of care.

To us, "healthcare" is many things: from intensive expert care to everyday self-care. Health has many dimensions.

But no one dimension is quite the same for any two people. Life is diverse; situations are all different. This means that all professionals, patients, and their families must call upon the same skill: an ability to steer through differences, the unexpected, uncertainty, and the unknown.

And yet, we are not alone. Others may have been there before. Better guidance from them through the unknown means better care. And then greater skill of our own: now we know too.

The journey

Where is the guidance, waiting to be found? Mountains of information present a first challenge: how to find what's relevant. The second: making sense of what you find. To do both requires arranging the right information so that clues and insight come to us quickly. Let's go beyond words and numbers to a new kind of technology: a platform that looks at the mountain in a new way.

The structure of healthcare knowledge is enormous. Our work is to reveal it -- everywhere. And make the result immediately useful to all.

The new frontier does not stop there. As healthcare evolves, new ways to touch the world with the best expertise will accelerate, bringing professionals and consumers alike together in their own journeys toward better and better lives.